Alix – Last Dreamer


Introduction by Ossydiana Speri.

Dismissing their opening track’s title, ALiX seems they indeed want to go back to the crime scene, well pleased to melt in the acid blood of their own previous collisions. If anything is altered, they are the doses of the magic potion for sure: their massive stoner lays down the clubs, diving deadweight into dirty and heavy psychedelia, framed by Paolo Massagli’s sinister cover artwork.

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Before drowning, their ‘heavy’ roots find time to cling to rough garage-rock anyway (the title track), alternative 90s vibes (Ride Your Light, Sweetly Waiting), and bluesy temptations (Empty Space).

The hypnagogic voice of Alice Albertazzi stands out thinly, a lysergic siren repeating verses as if she were the victim of her own spell, dissolving the words in a lava stream that flows downstream with rainbow reflections.

Methadone for dreamers at the last stage, almost three lustra after Good One.

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