Craving Angel – Redemption

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Minnesota's Craving Angel's follow up to Dark Horse.Heavy, gritty, dirty and from the heart.Hard rock, heavy metal.




VERSION: CD, Jewel Box


1 Dirty Girls
2 Crash and Burn
3 Chicaboom
4 Hells Waiting
5 Roses Are Red
6 Outta My Way
7 Freak Show
8 Bad Voodoo
9 Everything I do
10 Gonna Party
11 Dirty Little Secret
12 Dream Chaser
13 She’s No Lady
14 Gonna Getcha
15 New Day
16 Prima Donna
17 Roses are Red (acoustic version)

Heavy, gritty dirty and from the heart. Minnesota’s Craving Angel play a blend of hard rock and heavy metal with influences from Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Skid Row, Guns N Roses. Solid musicianship, searing vocals, and from-the-heart lyrics combine to make this a solid follow up to Dark Horse.





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