Fall Of The Leafe – Evanescent, Everfading


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Originally released by Defiled Records in 1998, “Evanescent, Everfading” was the debut album of Finland based act Fall Of The Leafe. During the first years since their inception in 1996, FotL found their own way of playing black/death metal with folk influences based on guitarist Jussi Hänninen harmonies and Jani Lindström vocals.

The band entered legendary Tico-Tico studios in 1997 to record their first full length and from the Maidenesque opener “The Celestial Keeper” to the closing “Evanescent, Everfading”, FotL delivers a 40 minutes unique masterclass of melodic death metal with black feels to take the listener on a journey to enjoy the sweet taste of 90s. Did you say Amorphis or Insomnium? It would be fair saying Fotl set the stage for them.

The band took new musical directions with their sophomore album but “Evanescent, Everfading” proudly stands as one of the most unique creations of late 90s metal in Finland and Jussi started Autumnfall in 2019 to continue FotL early works legacy.

The CD has been sold out since long and this 2023 Ardua Music handles a digipack reissue approved and supervised by Jussi Hänninen, with layout by Kalle Pyyhtinen and liner notes from Tanner (Obsequiae).


1. The Celestial Keeper

2. …And The Heavens Fell

3. The Garden By The Shoreless Sea

4. Wings Of My Desire Untamed

5. My Weeping Goddess

6. Starfire

7. With Each Fall Of The Leafe

8. Within The Everfrozen Winternight

9. Evanescent, Everfading

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