Funeral Marmoori – The Deer Woman

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Heavy psychedelic doom from Florence, Italy clearly influenced by Paul Chain, Saint Vitus, Cathedral, and Black Sabbath.



1 The Deer Woman

2 Boletus Satanas

3 Last Sip

4 Drunk in Hell

5 Hunter Lies

6 Petronica

7 Profanation

CD, Jewel Box

Particularly interesting use of Farisa organ and Juno synth that adds a seventies-inspired horror soundtrack vibe to an already impressive sound. Long overdue follow-up to their first album, “Volume 1”.

ALBUM REVIEW: Funeral Marmoori ‘The Deer Woman’



If there is a doom album that you are looking for to add to your collection, The Deer Woman is that addition, or if you are just looking for some groovy, funky and psychedelic jams, The Deer Woman is also a great selection. No matter which way you slice the doom pie, you can’t go wrong with some Funeral Marmoori.


This is a serious candidate for my end-year list, to be honest. There’s quite a few of them now and only time will tell which ones will be making that list. Yet, like I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this review, this is an album that I feel has


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