Jupu Group – Umpeen Kasvoivat Polut


Jupu Group is a Finnish band playing progressive rock/jazz rock.

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The debut performance of the original line-up was during the 1975 Summer Week happenings in Helsinki. During August and September 1975 they recorded their only album Ahmoo, which incorporated influences from several different genres – even classical music.

When the album was released, the band was already disbanded, due to Poutanen moving to Rovaniemi for studying and playing in the local municipal orchestra.

In 2020 Poutanen assembled a new band, consisting of talent from the younger generation. The new group released a new album Umpeen Kasvoivat Polut in 2022 with Svart Records. The album features new instrumental pieces and also songs composed to lyrics by Helena Anhava, Helvi Juvonen, Otomo no Yakamochi and the band’s singer Meerika Alhqvist.

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