Paul Chain – Dies Irae


1-Jewel case edition

2-Limited numbered editions of /60

Box with transparent slipcase ,Inferiority Book by AGM.ENA , CD in a Steel Case

Total Weight (0.750grams)




There are sections of familiar guitarplay included as well as the standard hammond organ, but still all metal/rock fans should be warned that this is mostly an electronica/industrial release. The mood of the album varies between lamentation and insane anxiety. In particular, ‘Prescence Of The Soul’s Forest’ is utterly disturbed and the vocals of Sandra Silver is what makes the most impact. There are no lyrics at all on this album. The vocal utterings are purely in random phonetics which mean nothing, but instead serve the purpose of creating the deranged atmosphere of this track. Paul Chain himself pops in with some vocals on rare occasions. But mostly, this is a female fronted album. On the other hand, some of the other pieces are actually quite beautiful. For example, the relaxed acoustic guitarplay present on ‘The Hope’. In a way you could say that ‘Dies Irae’ covers all areas of war, including the few good ones. This is a CD which is perhaps only the philosophers, or musical art lovers, cup of tea. It is very special and never takes any consideration towards being easy on the ears.

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