Profanal ‎– Supreme Fire


LP-Limited edition 300 copies on black vinyl. Ultra CRUSHING swedeath!!!


IRON TYRANT RECORDS is proud to present PROFANAL’s highly anticipated second album, “Supreme Fire.” In 2012, IRON TYRANT unleashed “Black Chaos” upon an unsuspecting populace, introducing Profanal with a disgusting, gut-wrenching exclamation point. In an era where the classic Swedeath sound has been as abused as the signature HM-2 pedal from which that genre largely sprung, this Italian quintet offered something vastly more than mere regurgitation. Across every note rang a deeply studied – and, more importantly, deeply felt – authenticity that, no matter how familiar the template may be, suggested there were further treasures to be mined. And now, with their second album after a seemingly interminable four-year wait, PROFANAL are back to prove that their treasure chest is vast with death metal riches to behold. Ever aptly titled, “Supreme Fire” is an incendiary, sulfurous furnace of classic Swedish death metal done by maniacs who live (and die) by this sword, who’ve imbibed its essence so thorougly and profoundly, the record could’ve come out in the idiom’s early ’90s heyday. Indeed, PROFANAL burl forth with a blistering, steamrollering tank-tread of gutted sound, occasionally blasting where necessary – and only when it’s in service of the song – and otherwise exploring the tasteful boundaries of classicist death metal songwriting, making for an immediately memorable but never overly simple-nor-complicated listen. Plus, there’s no denying the soul-devouring power of vocalist Rosy, whose deathbellows are unique for her gender in this genre. It’s maniacal death metal by death metal maniacs, for death metal maniacs…it’s “Supreme Fire”! (Description by Nathan T. Birk)

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