Seth – Apocrypha

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Visionary and in a class of its own, Seth's music is grounded solidly in classic rock.  Rush and Blue Oyster Cult often come to mind, as do bands from the NWOBHM.  Thoughtful and pensive at times, trippy and bone-crushing at others. Seth are as focused now as they were in 1980, effortlessly sliding from genre to genre–from blues, to prog, to heavy metal, to folk, to classic rock.


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VERSION: CD, Jewel Box


1 I’m No Saint
2 Semaj
3 There and Now
4 Love’s Hallowed Ground
5 Free World
6 The First 29 Years
7 Quadragy



Apocrypha picks up right where Seth left off in 1980. A pensive, trippy and bone-crushing nod to classic heavy metal.


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