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Sophya Baccini was born as a singer, vocalist, pianist, author of lyrics in Italian, Neapolitan, French and English language. Her path in Rock music started in 1990, when together with Enrico Iglio (keyboards-percussion) and Sergio Casamassima (guitar) she founded “Presence”, dark progressive group, well-loved and appreciated both in Italy and abroad for the quality of recordings and compositions. She recorded six studio albums with them – where is the author of all lyrics – and one live, from 1990 to 2002, thanks to the collaboration with the Black Widow Rec of Genoa. For his portrayal of four arias by Verdi, in the album Black Opera which relies on the collaboration of the string section of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, she’s voted on by the public to Flash Europe as the fourth best female rock voice in the world . In 2005 she writes the lyrics of Dance Musical dedicated to Giordano Bruno “The Song of Circe,” and prepares the eponymous show in which she performed as a singer and dancer. Until 2008, her holdings are numerous, live and in the studio, with groups of the progressive and not such as Osanna, Delirium, Ricky Portera, Vittorio Nocenzi, Nino D’Angelo, Greenwall, Tylion, Wicked Minds, Il Segno del Comando. In the same period she wrote, produced and sang two songs for the project of the Colossus “Divine Comedy”, taken from Dante’s Purgatory and Hell.
In 2009, feeling herself ready to face a parallel path to the Presence, she public the solo album “Aradia,” which is entirely written, arranged and recorded by her. “Aradia” won in 2010 the prestigious prize of the Jury “ProgAwards”, unanimously awarded for the first time, and for the first time awarded to a woman. In the same year she receives from the hands of Lino Vairetti the Prize “Men and Myths”, together with Gianni Leone of Balletto di Bronzo.
On March 8, 2012, Patrik Stiggson dedicated to her a monograph on the second channel Swedish national radio, and in December, with Chicco Accetta on acoustic guitar, Stella Manfredi on violin and herself on piano and voice, participates in the exhibition “Museums in Music “of the Roman Forum of Rome, recorded by TG1. As a result of these experiences, she decided to add to her guitarist an all-female band, and founded the Sophya Baccini’s Aradia: Sophya on piano, vocals and synth bass, Chicco Accetta on guitar, Stella Manfredi on violin, Francesca Colaps on drums and Marilena Striano on keyboards. With this band she recorded the album “Big Red Dragon – (William Blake’s Visions)” dedicated to the paintings of the great English genius. Formidable gallery of guests who have agreed to collaborate on the project: Christian Decamps, Aurelio Fierro jr., Elisa Montaldo, Steve Sylvester, Roberto Tiranti, Enrico Iglio, Sonja Kristina, Irvin and Lino Vairetti.

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