The Lore Of Gaubert – Revelations I And II


Founded in 1996, Somewhere In Nowhere started to play traditional heavy metal with catchy guitar melodies, doomy riffs and some progressive elements. Their biggest influences are Iron Maiden, Manowar, Annihilator and Candlemass.

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Traditional Doom Metal from the UK, featuring Dave (DARK MATTER / TREBUCHET) and Gary (LEGEND / DARK MATTER) plus guitar leads courtesy of Alex (MYTHRA)! Their double length album, “Revelations I and II” is set for release at the Hammer Of Doom Festival on November 17th. 70 minutes of Doom greatness chock full of riffs that would make Iommi proud, an amazing atmosphere with outstanding vocals and excellent, organic 70s production! Highly recommended for fans of BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE or PAGAN ALTAR!

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