Tyrant’s Kall – Gla’aki


Second album by Tyrant’s Kall
All songs written and performed by Tyrant’s Kall
Recorded at Hearse Studios Belgium
Mixed and mastered by Yannick Santens for Allegiancerecordings
Guest vocals on Evil Eye by Simon Iff? (recorded at Mortsella Studio Belgium)

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Crawling from a primordial slime pit somewhere in Flanders comes this 2nd album of TYRANT’S KALL. Long awaited by all followers of Lovecraftian Horror, “Gla’aki” will enslave you and turn you into mindless zombies suffering in eternal torment that can only be endured by playing this record over and over. You have been warned. Stay away or both your Doom and your Death will be assured. Or will it?

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