Ufosonic Generator – The Evil Smoke Possession

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UfosonicGenerator is a four-piece ensemble formed in 2011 to praise the
glorious splendor of the rock & roll age, and the gloomy depths of the doom
metal/stoner era, paying off their debt to bands such as Candlemass,
Cathedral, Pentagram, Coven, Uriah Heep and Lucifer's Friend, to name a


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VERSION: CD, Jewel Box


1 Sinful Portrait
2 Anapest
3 At Witches Bell
4 Master of Godspeed
5 Meridian Daemon
6 Silver Bell Meadows
7 Mowing Devil
8 The Evil Smoke Possession



Inspired by the most wicked and obscure music with esoteric and visionary lyrics.


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