Vornth ‎– Black Pyres


Black Pyres. In 2014, Vornth’s self-titled debut album introduced these Swedes to the international metal scene with a nuclear-powered bang.


Although the band’s history stretches back to the dawn of the millennium as well their members’ deep roots in the underground, Vornth was an epic monolith of Ultimate Heavy Metal, encompassing eldritch sounds recast in a uniquely idiosyncratic yet always-reverential way. Now, with Black Pyres, VORNTH eclipse that accomplishment and further prove that they’re a cult stronghold worth reckoning, and reliably so. Beginning with a brief, mood-setting intro, the album’s title track explodes into being, swiftly reminding what made Vornth so immediate and enduring. Over the course of eight more tracks, VORNTH succinctly cast a sweeping, salacious spell that encompasses ’80s speed metal, thrash, and proto-black metal. Black Pyres, by comparison to VORNTH’s debut, is a punchier and more concise affair, reining in some of the self-titled album’s more elongated excursions for a judiciously paced ‘n’ patient gallop, fists pounding and heads banging in obeisance to all that is evil and eternal and eternally evil. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of bursts of violence & force, as well as VORNTH’s now-characteristic attention to nuance and dynamics, soundly splitting the difference between frenzied, sulfur-choked hysterics and iron-studded swagger. Light the Black Pyres and feel the fire! (Nathan T. Birk)

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