Wolf – Legions Of Bastards


Legions Of Bastards is the band’s sixth album which was originally released by Century Media in April 2011. Now available on vinyl for the first time since its release year!

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Wolf is a Swedish heavy-/power-/speed metal band from Örebro. Formed in 1995, the band has released nine studio albums and toured with bands such as Saxon, Evile, Tankard and Trivium.

“Musically, it carries harder, faster chords and angered anguish from frontman Niklas Olsson. While Wolf have stayed true to the traditional heavy metal template, with “good times” vibes in tow, they have also pushed for a harsher edge to make their own sound. Here, they’ve gone even further with that direction, concentrating on solos and picking up the pace. The result is not just heavier, but also sleazier and grittier.” -Invisible Oranges

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