Started In The Early 80s By Producer Marco Melzi, The Label Played A Pivotal Role In The Early Underground Italian Heavy Metal Scene, Releasing Some Of The Most Ground-Breaking And Genre-Defining Albums By Italian Artists Paul Chain, Strana Officina, Death SS, Vanexa, Revenge, Requiem, Elektradrive ,The Black.
The Label Has Experienced A Revival In Recent Years, Releasing Albums By Bands From All Over The World, Including Tactics, Devil Childe, The Fury, Phantom Lord, Jack Starr’s Burning Starr, Bootlegs, Defyance, Super Massive Black Holes, Ogre, Craving Angel, Misantropus, Antonello Giliberto, Tony Tears, Ritual, Matthias Steele, Etrusgrave, Seth, Zero Down, Uncle Sam, Mox Nix, Atomkraft, Et Moriemur, Dark Quarterer, Sunrunner, My Silent Wake Among Many Others.

Minotauro Records Is An Indie Record Label Based In Pavia, Italy.
Marco Melzi with “Strana Officina” members